Microcement Fino, with fine texture and water shapes for using on façades, walls, furniture and floors with average traffic, whether inside or outside.


Microcement Medio, with smooth cement texture for using on façades, walls, furniture and floors with intensive traffic, whether inside or outside.


Microcement Grueso, with stone texture, for using on façades, walls, furniture and pavements with heavy traffic, whether inside or outside.

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Product specialized in renovations and reforms

microcemento manufacturer Spanish company that distributes its products nationally and internationally through major stores, supermarkets and specialty stores in the construction and DIY sector. Evestimiento Microfloor is a continuous, seamless, suitable for renovations and clean works without rubble. It applies to any surface without removing existing support. natural and friendly material environment that is installed by craftsmen using a trowel. It is flexible, high adhesion, completely waterproof and resistant to UV rays. With a thickness of 1 to 3 mm, it supports numerous solutions in different finishes and colors combinable 60 together.,es


    We are a company with constant innovation capacity in both production and usability of our products.

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    Wide range of finishes and colors

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    We have all the certificates of guarantee that ensures the quality of our product


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